Indigestion (also called dyspepsia or an upset stomach)

Do you experience:
- heartburn,
- pain in the region of stomach,
- bloating,
- fullness soon after you start eating,
- uncomfortable fullness after a meal,
- discomfort in the upper abdomen,
- constipation,
- diarrhoea,
- nausea?

These are some problems which result from poor food digestion in the stomach and intestines. Indigestion problems are among the most unpleasant health problems one may have.

During clinical testing, the results of all the laboratory tests (including gastroscopy) are very frequently neat. Additionally, a person can be tested for celiakia and Chron‘s disease; those tests as well also be negative. At the end, the final diagnosis can be an irritabile bowel syndrome. You may find the explanation for such a situation, where all the analyzed parameters are normal while a person feels bad, in The HEALTH FORMULA book.

Classical therapy usually implies taking food with a higher content of fibres in order to eliminate symptoms and taking drugs against such symptoms (against gases or pain and abdominal spasms, for an improved bowel movement, against heartburn etc.).

This approach will eliminate the symptoms as long as one takes drugs. When one stops the drug intake, the symptoms will be back since the causes of indigestion problems are still present! These causes lead to stomach problems which result in a damaged function of intestines. The food that is not properly digested in the stomach goes into small intestines and starts to decay, to produce gases and to induce inflammation processes on the intestinal membrane. The same situation also happens in the lower parts of the digestive system (the large intestine).

Causes of indigestion are frequent and various

On the one hand, the possible causes of indigestion may be intestinal flora disorder, an increase in fungal colonies (intestinal candidiasis), intolerance to histamine (some foods that contain histamine in high amounts), intolerance to gluten, fructose, and lactose, etc.; the causes may also include bacterial infection and intoxication of the body with bacterial toxins, the presence of parasites, thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune diseases…

On the other side, indigestion may be an underlying condition for other diseases and conditions such as depression, anxiety, inflammation, hormonal disbalance, diabetes, neuropathy, thyroid gland diseases, autoimmune disorders, asthma, allergies…

Based on all the aforesaid, it can be realized that the causes of indigestion are various and numerous and that the treatment of such acondition is very complex. The HEALTH FORMULA protocol eliminates or significantly reduces all the symptoms and discomfort desribed above.

The protocol consists of:
- detoxification of organism (including digestive system),
- elimination of food with the highest alergogenic activity,
- digestion improvement by adding certain enzymes in the diet (also by supplementation),
- balancing of hormones,
- elimination of possible infection (the most common one are Helicobacter pylori, parasites, yeast...) and the inflammation process in the intestines,
- reintroducing normal bacteria strains in the intestines,
- correction of possible mineral/vitamin/trace-elements dificiency by a personalized approach in treatment, and
- strengthing of intestinal barriers.

The HEALTH FORMULA will alleviate your symptoms as early as in two to three weeks after the beginning of the treatment. After an additional period of two to three months (depending on the level of the digestive system damage at the start of programme and how one adheres to the protocol), the digestive system will be restored to a state of balance, which you will feel as a complete absence of all the symptoms previously mentioned.