Weakened immune system

Do you often face:
- pain in the throat and tonsils,
- cough,
- afte,
- herpes,
- fever,
- runny nose ...?

If you have these problems, it is most likely that your immune system is weakened. There are numerous reasons that may affect immune system. The most important among them are extreme workload, stressful life situations, inadequate diet (this is usually a combination of irregular meals and consumption of food of lower nutritional composition – „fast food“), physical inactivity, insufficient time spent in the fresh air...

Today, under the pressure of numerous epidemics (especially the last pandemic caused by the COVID 19 virus), there are more and more stories related to immunity and everyone agrees that strong immunity is a guarantee of good resistance of the organism that protects us from bacteria, viruses, parasites ...
However, we think about immunity only when we get one of the above-mentioned health problems/conditions. Then, having a desire to strengthen our defense, we uncritically start to take the supplements seen in the commercials, to seek for lemon juice and other sources of vitamins... practically, we look for a magical overnight solution to build up our weakened immune system .... It is simply not possible because, carelessness that we showed in relation to our body during decades can not be compensated by pouring vitamins and taking antibiotics for a week and then forgetting everything like nothing had happened.

We need to strengthen our immune system on a daily basis by applying the protocol described in The HEALTH FORMULA book. Detailed instructions regarding all the elements that create The HEALTH FORMULA protocol, your personalized supplementation and nutrition, as well as a holistic approach that takes into account all aspects important for your health, you can get from us at the Center.

Strengthen your immune system and prevent frequent infections by using The HEALTH FORMULA protocol!