The Most Frequent Questions Related to The HEALTH FORMULA Protocol

What does The HEALTH FORMULA protocol look like?

A method of applied kinesiology known as muscle testing is used. The test can be performed by using big or small muscles of human body. The most suitable for use are the small muscles of fingers. This method is used to reveal where the functional imbalance in the body is present. That imbalance may or may not be accompanied with symptoms a person may feel.

During a test, the examiner asks the patients questions related to the possible health complaints that they may have and which can be related to an imbalance in the function of an organ or a system of organs. A very common situation in clinical practice is that a patient has health complaints and symptoms, but the laboratory analysis reveals no abnormal changes. The explanation for such a situation is given in The HEALTH FORMULA book .

Also, muscle testing can give more answers related to food intolerance, as well as to the use of certain dietary supplements for each patient (personalization of treatment!).

Following this test, some additional diagnostic procedures are suggested if necessary (such as an ultrasound examination, laboratory analysis…). The importance and meaning of this analysis are explained to the patient after it has been conducted.

In this way, a completely personalized and holistic approach to patient treatment is created (in terms of diet and dietary supplement intake; an explanation is provided in The HEALTH FORMULA book.

Are the consultations painful or can they be harmful?
Consultations are completely non-invasive, do not hurt and do not cause any pain or discomfort to the subject.

How long does the first consultation last?
The first consultation lasts one hour.

Is it necessary to bring medical documentation?
If the patient has medical documentation, including laboratory analyses, it is recommended to bring them to consultation. If some additional analyses are recommended, the patient will be informed of that during the consultation.

What does the treatment look like?
The treatment consists of three phases.

Phase I – it prepares the body for further treatment. During the first phase, the body needs to be detoxified. The detoxification process consists of taking a proper amount of water, pursuing a diet, and taking supplements. A person receives a list of foods that are allowed for consumption and also of those that they are not allowed to eat. The supplements that clean the body are recommended and the use of those supplements is completely personalized (based on muscle testing). It is in this phase of the protocol that a person is expected to take the highest amount of supplements. Additionally, one needs to respect other elements of protocol described in The HEALTH FORMULA, such as going to bed at a proper time, pursuing physical activities, taking preventive measures against the harmful effects of electromagnetic irradiation coming from different sources etc.

Phase I lasts 2 to 3 weeks. In this phase of the protocol, you will feel that energy is coming back to your body and mind; you will be more energized, have better focus and stamina. You will sleep better, you will have no indigestion problems, your belly will be flattened, your legs will not be swollen anymore...

Phase II – after 2 to 3 weeks of maintaining the protocol, the patient is scheduled for the first check-up consultation. During this control check-up, the patient is asked how s/he feels and how s/he has maintained the first phase of the protocol. During this check-up, new supplements are defined for the patient. These supplements will help the patient completely restore the biochemistry and metabolism within all the cells in their body, which are now clean from toxins and heavy metals. The identification of the proper supplements that are recommended for use is performed by muscle testing (therefore, each person receives their own combination).

During this phase, you will feel further improvement of overall health and quality of life. You will become more energetic, you will feel satisfaction and happiness while being in your own body, your face will become more clean, your skin will become more beautiful, your sex drive will increase, your ability to work will improve, etc.

During this phase, the body weight regulation starts. This procedure as well is personalized, meaning that each subject receives a tailor-made diet according to their body composition and the goals we set on check-up (e.g. one patient needs to build up their muscles, another needs to reduce fat, the third one needs to build up their muscles and reduce a fat at the same time...). An explanation why a vast majority of nutrition plans are not sufficient is given in The HEALTH FORMULA book.

During this phase, fewer supplements are to be taken than in phase I, because the body has already started to restore its balance.

Phase III – fine regulation of body function continues during this phase. During this phase, the fewest number of supplements are expected to be taken.

Practically, the protocol lasts three months. If imbalance in body is huge, it is normal to recommend further check-up consultations on a monthly basis. If your body restores its balance (and you feel no health complaints), it is suggested that you should attend a check-up every 3-4 months. In that way we will act in order to prevent body imbalance and health problems resulting therefrom.

As the author of The HEALTH FORMULA protocol, I expect you to learn and maintain healthy living habits continuously. Should you resume the „bad habits“, you can expect them to affect your health accordingly.

It is recommended to continuously apply all the elements you have learnt from The HEALTH FORMULA, except the use of the dietary supplements (this should be under the supervision of health professionals).

By using The HEALTH FORMULA protocol, you will significantly improve your health. Your experience may help people around you and make them embrace the good life habits you have acquired, thus exerting a positive influence on their life and health.

How often do I need to attend control check-ups?
The first check-up should be scheduled two to three weeks after the beginning of the treatment. The following check-ups should take place on a monthly basis.

The control check-up should be maintained as long as the body requires in order to restore its state of balance . The longer the period of body devastation, the longer the period of recovery is.

How long does a control check-up consultation last?
A check-up consultation lasts half an hour.

Who can undergo this protocol?
It is not the disease, but the person, that is treated with this approach. Therefore, the approach is meant for anyone, regardless of their current health status, age and gender; by using this protocol, healthy people will remain healthy and improve their health further, while those who are ill will get well more quickly (if applying this approach concomitantly with the drug therapy they have been already taking).